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  • Find out how to look comfortable when speaking
  • Learn to overcome anxiety while speaking
  • Learn how to move your hands, feet and body in a presentation


Learn how to look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any public speaking or presentation opportunity.

In this course you will learn what to do with your hands, your face and your body so that you look confident and relaxed in front of your speaking audience. You will no longer need to wonder if you look nervous, scared or unprofessional. Even if you are nervous, you will be taught how to look completely relaxed in front of any speaking audience.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Why Body Language for Speakers Matters - Body Language for Speakers, The Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Body Language Elements - What do I do with my body?, Where to look for TV Interviews, What to do with your hands on TV, How to Move Your Body for TV interviews, How to Move Your face, How to Smile for TV, How to sit for TV interviews, How to Change Body Language for a seated Presentation, How to Use Your Eyes When Seated, How to Move Hands, How to Sit, How to use a lectern or podium, How to use your voice, What should I do with my eyes?, What to do with your feet, What do I do with my hands?, How to Move Your Head, What to do with my face, How to Smile, How to Speak with Energy on TV
  • Module 3: Conclusion - Final Thoughts on Body Language for Speakers, Feedback
  • Module 4: Bonus Reading - Secret to Fool proof Presentations, Public Speaking Success, Media Training A to Z, Media Training Success