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  • Includes over 16 video lectures.
  • You will acquire a good grasp of how to create a cute cartoon character of your own
  • You will learn simple techniques commonly used for drawing cartoon characters



This course consists of more than 17 video lectures and 3 hours of content which will teach you how to create a cute cartoon character of your own. If you are passionate about drawing, you should enrol on this course today. You will explore how to draw eyes, ears, hair, hands and bodies through a set of simple steps, creating and breathing new life into a cartoon character. Upon finishing the course you will receive a Contempo Learning E-Learning "Certificate of Completion".


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Getting Started - Introduction and Quick Warm Up
  • Module 2: Building Faces - Basic Eyes and Mouths, More Mouths & Expressions, Basic Human Ears, Basic Animal Ears, Basic Hair Styles
  • Module 3: Building Bodies - Basic Hands, Basic Body Circles - Using Circles and Sausage Shapes, Building Thick and Thin Bodies - Speed Sketching, Creating a Basic Cat Character, Creating a Dog Character, Creating a Basic Boy Character, Creating a Basic Girl Character, Creating a Bird Character.