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  • Learn to manage your pressure effectively
  • Boost your coping abilities
  • Learn about the importance of support


Develop your skills in keeping stress at bay!

The modern workplace is generally a highly pressurized place that makes huge demands on employees. If we are not careful those pressures can overspill and become harmful, health-affecting stress. But, armed with an understanding of how stress works you will be much better placed to make sure that you keep your pressures within manageable limits.


The Course

Dealing with Stress offers a sound foundation for feeling more confident about the pressures you face so that you can keep your head above water. Leading author, Dr Neil Thompson, is the writer and presenter of this important course designed to make sure that stress does not become a problem for you.

Pressure and stress are often confused, but in reality they are very different. Pressure can be positive and helpful and negative and harmful, depending on the circumstances, but stress is when levels of pressure reach the point where they are doing harm in some way – harming health, well-being, relationships, quality of work, productivity and so on. The course has been specially designed to help you make sure that pressures do not reach the point of stress.

The course includes a Module Companion Workbook which you should print out before starting the course. It contains exercises to help you think about the issues covered and consolidate your understanding. It also contains space for you to make notes as you work your way through the course. After you have completed the course you will then have a valuable resource to serve as a reminder of your learning and a reference source.

The Dealing with Stress course guides you through the steps you need to take to keep yourself safe and healthy in today's often over-pressurized world of work. You should take this course if you want to be better equipped to stay in control of your pressures and use support effectively to stay stress free.


Course Modules

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Introductory video
  • Module 1: Understanding Stress 1 - Making sense of stress, Pressure and stress 1, Pressure and stress 2
  • Module 2: Understanding Stress 2 - The three dimensions of stress, Coping, Support
  • Module 3: Understanding Stress 3 - The costs of stress , The individual, the team and the organisation, Understanding stress: review
  • Module 4: Meeting the Stress Challenge 1 - Managing pressure, preventing stress , The causes of stress: pressure revisited, Expectations and control
  • Module 5: Meeting the Stress Challenge 2 - Keeping pressures manageable, Useful strategies, Self-care
  • Module 6: Meeting the Stress Challenge 3 - Avoiding the stress cycle, Self-awareness, Organisational awareness
  • Conclusion