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  • Includes over 20 lectures and few hours of content
  • You will learn to identify the keys on the keyboard, decipher the music notes.
  • You will also learn how to play both chords and melody of a song on a piano.
  • To learn this course you need to have a Piano or Keyboard
  • This is a beginners level course targeted at people who want to learn to play Piano in a way that is fun as featured on BBC, fast and easy.
  • Upon the completion of the course, you shall be able to play songs on a piano to impress your friends and family members.


Learn How to Play Piano with the "World's Fastest Piano Method"

DecPlay is the Fastest Way to Learn Piano - you will experience the joy of playing famous music without having to spend time in learning traditional notation.

By using a simple "numbers and colors" system – you can enjoy the pleasure of playing Piano.

DecPlay makes the complex combination of notes easier to convert into numerical patterns. With the use of our revolutionary song sheets, you will learn to understand which keys to play within 10 minutes.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to DecPlay – Introduction, Overview of 5 FastPlay skills.
  • Module 2: Map Reading - Finding Your Way Around thevKeyboard- Skill 1 – Map Reading.
  • Module 3: Playing the Melody and Chords - Skill 2 - PlayingvThe Melody (or 'Tune') , Skill 3 - Playing Chords.
  • Module 4: Playing Your First Song! - Skill 4 - Reading the Song Sheet , Skill 5 - Playing your first song!
  • Module 5: Next Steps - Learn New Songs, Learn 4 Advanced Skills
  • Module 6: Reviews and Results - An Example Lesson- a taste of what you learn, Reviews by Mel, Liz and Bryson, Results - Lose Yourself (Eminem) in 1 hour, More results, Conclusion
  • Module 7: About DecPlay - The Vision Behind DecPlay
  • Module 8 : Downloads - Standard Chord Sheet Download Advanced Chord Sheet Download, Amazing Grace Song Sheet Download, Silent Night Song Sheet Download, Star Spangled Banner Song Sheet Download