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  • Learn how to become an event planner.
  • Understand the business functions applied to events.
  • Understand the law and risk management surrounding events.
  • Learn the key practices and principles of event management.
  • Learn about the new media technologies and trends used in events management.
  • Every successful student will receive a certificate of completion from Contempo Learning.

Take on a new challenge within the exciting world of event management!

This course consists of 8 modules which will teach you the key practices and principles of event management. You will be able to understand and respond appropriately to the underlying values and purpose of different kinds of events. You will be able to gain the knowledge and experience you need for a successful career in events management.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Events Management - The Challenges of Events Management, Events Management Industry, The Role of the Events Manager, Managing Event Projects, Benefits of Event Management
  • Module 2: How to Become an Event Planner - What does an Event Planner Do?, Tips on Planning a Successful Event, The Don'ts of Event Management
  • Module 3: Events - Sporting Events, Mega-events, Corporate Events, Cultural Events and Festivals
  • Module 4: Business Functions Applied to Events - Managing People, Event Marketing, Financing Events
  • Module 5: Management Issues Specific to the Events Section - Introduction to Sustainability, Events, Law and Risk Management, The Law and Event Law
  • Module 6: Logistics - What is Logistic, How to Save on Event Logistics?
  • Module 7: Evaluation and Research - What is Event Evaluation?, Event Impacts and Evaluation, Post-Event Evaluation, The Event Evaluation Process, Concept of Event Quality and Measuring Quality of Event
  • Module 8: New Media Technologies and Trends - Seven Pillars between the Poles of Offline Events and New Media Technologies, The Biggest Event Trends of 2017, Event Management and Planning Software for Event Planners