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  • Includes over 36 video lectures and a written content.
  • Learn to Navigate and use Evernote with ease.
  • Configure your stacks, notebooks and tags for optimal productivity
  • Use the secret Evernote email interface to add notes
  • Use Evernote's Webclipper, Skitch and ScanSnap utilities
  • Set reminders and other "never forget" features


Using Evernote is easy......using it productively takes practice and this course teaches you how

This course will make you uncover a simple yet powerful system that anyone can quickly apply to save hours and be more productive.

Based on the #1 Amazon Best Selling Book "EVERNOTE EXPOSED" this course shows you quickly how to be more productive. *Book not

You will discover the best-practice formulas for: setting up notebooks, choosing a workable tagging strategy, when and why to use temporary notebooks, email automation tricks, how to archive everything properly and also managing a centralized ToDo System (inspired by the 'Getting Things Done' model).

In addition to live screen capture video, the author includes actual footage of his office and desk setup and shows you how he personally uses the various tools and technology to manage his personal and professional productivity.

This course includes OVER 7,000 words of additional material in a special "behind the scenes" private Evernote . You can access this library immediately when you enrol in this unique course.

The requirements are:

  • You should have Evernote installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • You should have a basic/beginner knowledge of Evernote-at least enough to open the application and explore.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction and Overview- Welcome, What this course is not, What this course is, About "Getting things Done", Evernote's Official Guides.
  • Module 2: Basic Concepts and Definitions- The Note, The Tag, The Notebbok, The Stack
  • Module 3: How to Configure your Evernote- Setup and "Required" Notebooks, The Archive Notebook, The Stacks I Use, Temp Notebooks
  • Module 4: Task Management- The Elephant's Head Toolbar Icon, What Tags to Create, How to handle your Workflow, How to Handle Completed Tasks
  • Module 5: The secret email interface- How to Assign an Email to Pending Tasks, Explaining the Extra Subject Makers
  • Module 6: The almighty Webclipper, Skitch, ScanSnap & Scannable App- Using Webclipper, Using Skitch, Using ScanSnap, Using the Adonit Pen, The New Scannable App
  • Module 7: Remembering not to Forget- About Reminders
  • Module 8: Other Clever Uses for Evernote- Capturing your handwritten notes and documents, Quick Presentation Mode, Advanced Finding & Searching, Darg & Drop Note Creation, Why my layout looks like it does, The Poorman's Podcasting Solution
  • Module 9: Bonus- "Behind the Scenes" Evernote book- Take a look behind the shared Evernote-book.
  • Module 10: What to Expect Next- So you've come so far, now what?
  • Module 11: Help make Evernote Exposed even better- Tell me what you’d like included in this course