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  • Online Fashion Modelling course taught by an experienced fashion agent and tutor
  • Course made up of study and self-evaluated research assignments
  • Learn online, on any device and browser over a 12 month period

Think You Have The Look To Be The Next Kate Moss? 

Contempo Learning is a leading London Fashion College brings you an exclusive & accredited e-learning course on Fashion Modelling. If you have ever thought you have a unique look or are particularly photogenic then this online course, taught by experienced fashion modelling tutors may be the right place to start. Our E-learning courses are built to the same standard as our classroom courses but give our students a chance to work from anywhere and at their own needs. We give you real world advice on what to expect and how to maximise your opportunities.

The Course

Following Contempo Learning teaching philosophy, our e-learning course is highly interactive with assignments and video lectures which are so good, that you will hardly miss the classroom experience of our traditional courses. Our responsive e-learning hub gives you the freedom of studying on your tablet, PC or smart phone. This course includes modules of study and research including how to get the right look and how that will affect what jobs you get. We also cover what to expect in terms of wages and preparing yourself for a shoot. Modules comes with associated assignments that students must finish for their self-assessment. Upon course completion, learners are awarded with a certificate of completion from Contempo Learning.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: The World of Modelling - Why Become a Model, Is this Job Right for you, Are you right for the job, Working on yourself, diet- understanding your body
  • Module 2: Getting Started - Which Look are you, Preparation for Modelling, Modelling in the Fashion Capitals, Modelling for experience, Working as a Professional Model, Working Internationally, Runway Modeling
  • Module 3: Working with Agency - Finding a good agent, Working with your agent, Going out to work
  • Module 4: Preparing for your Shoot - Glossary at the shoot, Shooting in studio & location, On the Shoot
  • Module 5: 500+ Suggested Poses for a Fashion Shoot
  • Module 6: Modeling your business - Modeling wages, Carrier in Fashion Modeling, Being your own financial manager