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  • By the end of this course you will be able to incorporate food forests into the design of your home, neighborhood, or city.
  • In this course you will learn what food forests are, what permaculture is, and how to incorporate food forests into city & suburbs.
  • You'll learn about soil building by zone, cover crops, swales, and other permaculture techniques.
  • You'll learn how to use guilds effectively.


You can build a permaculture food forest at your home, for a neighborhood, or as part of a city!

This workshop covers the basics of designing, planting, and maintaining a many-layered woodland forest garden full of fruit and nut trees, perennial and annual vegetables, and flowers.

In this class Toby Hemenway gives you both the theory behind food forests and a wealth of practical information, including which plants to use, where to start, and what to expect as your food forest grows and evolves.

Toby Hemenway comes to permaculture with a strong science background. He is skilled at delivering complicated scientific topics to people who may not have a science background. In this course he explains the ecology behind a healthy, productive food forest or edible garden.

As a pattern specialist, Toby explores a variety of design strategies and techniques for you to use as you design your food forest. As he explores permaculture with you Toby explains the importance, application, and usefulness of the 14 Permaculture Principles. He also demystifies the sometimes confusing topic of guilds. He helps you understand what guilds are and shows you three ways you can design by guild as you create your own food forest.

Permaculture may be one of the most misunderstood terms out there. From this class you will gain a thorough understanding of what permaculture is, how it came to be, what it does, and most importantly what you can do with permaculture. Toby Hemenway clearly explains how you can apply permaculture to all aspects of your life as you strive to create regenerative systems. He will both inform and inspire! Upon completion you will hold the knowledge you need to create a food forest garden that will yield the results you want.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Food Forest Design
  • Module 2: Permaculture Explained - Part I
  • Module 3: Permaculture Explained - Part II
  • Module 4: Food Forests for City and Suburb - Part 1
  • Module 5: Food Forests for City and Suburb - Part 2
  • Module 6: Food Forests for City and Suburb - Part 3
  • Module 7: Food Forests for City and Suburb - Part 4
  • Module 8: Food Forests for City and Suburb - Part 5
  • Module 9: Food Forests for City and Suburb - Part 6
  • Module 10: Permaculture Principles - Part I
  • Module 11: Permaculture Principles - Part II
  • Module 12: Soil Building By Zone
  • Module 13: Cover Crops, Swales, and Other Permaculture Techniques
  • Module 14: What Works Here (Species List for the Greater Spokane, WA, USA Area)
  • Module 15: Permaculture Guilds - Part I
  • Module 16: Permaculture Guilds - Part II
  • Module 17: Conclusion
  • Module 18: Downloads