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  • Over 130 video lessons.
  • Learn how to play the blues, how to play chords, rhythms, use chugging, breathe properly, play the 12 bar blues.
  • Learn how to play simple tunes in different keys, use the modes and positions effectively, play more complex tunes, bend some of the notes.
  • Learn how to use the hands properly, play tunes and chords at the same time.



This course is designed for people who have never played harmonica at all, people who have only started dabbling with the harmonica recently, intermediate players and even advanced - something for everyone! This course gives you the basics in 125 (and growing) easy lectures. It's designed to be fun, friendly, easy for anyone to learn - even non-musical people! It is designed to help you succeed and lead you on to the next in the series.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Play Harmonica - Beginners level 1, starting nice and easy
  • Module 3: *BONUS* using only 4 holes (8notes) to play tunes
  • Module 4: A bit of engineering for you
  • Module 5: Play Harmonica - Beginners level 2, How to play easy tunes on your harmonica
  • Module 6: Play Harmonica - Beginners level 3, tunes, draw bending
  • Module 7: Play Harmonica - Beginners level, 4 improvising on harmonica
  • Module 8: Play Harmonica - Intermediates, level 1, starting blues
  • Module 9: Play Harmonica - Intermediates level 2, bending notes
  • Module 10: Play Harmonica - Intermediates level 3, bends & Tongue Blocking
  • Module 11: Play Harmonica, Intermediates level 4, let's play some great tunes
  • Module 12: Five De Ford Bailey Riffs
  • Module 13: Let's wrap it up