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  • Includes 32 lectures
  • You will be taught to understand that some of the weaknesses commonly associated with dyslexia are the flip side to some incredible strengths.
  • You will be able to understand a range of options for remediating the weaknesses of dyslexia.
  • Learn about five key reading skills and some strategies to support growth.



This course includes some efficient approaches such as;

  • The Orton-Gillingham phonics based approaches, which directly address underlying phonological processing weaknesses found in 80-90% of dyslexics.
  • The Davis Dyslexia approach, which uses dyslexic strengths in 3D picture thinking to get around this weakness and teaches tools for helping the dyslexic manage their dyslexic brain.
  • Overview of underlying development and cognitive skills that need to be strengthened in order for the dyslexic to become a more efficient and effective learner.
  • Other recommendations involve accommodations to level the playing field for dyslexics.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction - Dyslexia Course Welcome, Instructor Background
  • Module 2: What does it mean to be dyslexic? - What is Dyslexia?, Real World Perspectives, Smart but wired differently
  • Module 3: Dyslexic Strengths - Dyslexic Strengths Intro, Material Reasoning Strengths, Interconnected Reasoning Strengths, Narrative Reasoning Strengths, Dynamic Reasoning Strengths, Dyslexic Strengths Section Wrap-Up
  • Module 4: Key Reading Skills - Key Reading Skills Intro, Phonological and Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension, Key Reading Skills Section Wrap-Up
  • Module 5: Accommodations and Supports - Teaching Strategies for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, Ear Reading, Dysgraphia Scribes and Writing, Working Memory and Speech-to-Text, Procedural Processing and Dyscalculia, Accommodations Section Wrap-Up
  • Module 6: Orton-Gillingham - Orton-Gillingham Intro, Basic Orton-Gillingham Session Format, Increase Engagement with Word Sorts, Games, and Novelty, Expanded Multisensory Practice, Orton-Gillingham Implementation Options
  • Module 7: Davis Dyslexia Correction - Davis Dyslexia Correction
  • Module 8: Underlying Cognitive Skills Approaches -Underlying Developmental and Cognitive Skills Intro, NILD and Feuerstein, Fast For Word and Cogmed Working Memory, Other Developmental and Cognitive Skills Options
  • Module 9: Conclusion - Help and Hope for Dyslexics