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  • Learn about Human Resource Management in International Business
  • Learn about cross-border alliances, mergers and acquisitions, international equity joint ventures and international SME's
  • Learn about International industrial relations and the challenges and complexities faced by International Human Resource Management


Instil your knowledge through managing the human resource - the most powerful resource of any organisation, and find your way to success!

Enhance your knowledge in IHRM (International Human Resource Management) - one of the crucial factors for any multi-national corporation, and equip yourself with this key to success which promotes the survival, performance and success of the enterprise.

This course aims to empower you by teaching you about the differences between domestic HRM & international HRM, in addition to helping you to understand the context of cross-alliances and small medium enterprises; staffing international operations for sustained global growth; how to recruit and select staff for international assignments; international training & development; understanding performance management of international employees; international industrial relations, and learning about the complexity, challenges and various other trends to be faced by the International Human Resource Management approach.


Course Modules

  • Module 1 - International Compensation (ICP)
  • Module 2 - Approaches to International Staffing
  • Module 3 - Recruitments and selecting staff for international operations
  • Module 4 - International Training and Development
  • Module 5 - Management demands on International Growth
  • Module 6 - International Human Resource Management
  • Module 7 - Multinational Performance Management
  • Module 8 - IHRM Trends: Complexity, challenges and choices
  • Module 9 - International Industrial Relations