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  • Includes over 15 lectures and few hours of content
  • Know about the importance of signs
  • There is a sign, in everyday situation
  • Positive and negative daily situations reveal hidden aspects of ourselves
  • Everything is symbolic
  • You will be able to understand better the memories that are hidden behind every day situation
  • You will learn that the coincidence do not exist and there is a reason for everything
  • It will raise awareness in you and help you learn to discern the importance of signs in materialization, decisions, changes etc.


Learn the Importance of signs and symbols in everyday life

In this course you will be understand Symbolic Language that is the key tool to interpret ones life and the daily situation one experience. 12 You don't require any specific software or materials to do this course. Upon completion of the course, you will receive 'Certificate of completion' from us.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to the course- The essence of life
  • Module 2: Course on How to Interpret Signs- How to Discover & Understand Signs in your Daily Life, What is the Sign or meaning of being arrested for speeding, What the sign or meaning of being late at work, What is a sign or meaning of losing our keys, A sign of loosing your wallet, a sign of finding money on the floor, sign of seeing a rainbow, sign of receiving a salary raise, sign of being robbed, sign or receiving flowers, sign of our computer freezing, sign of running out of gas, sign of receiving a gift.
  • Module 3: Conclusion- A new Reality