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  • Learn from an editor and reporter on some of the world's top newspapers, who teaches leading journalists how to improve their writing skills.
  • Learn on any device and any browser over a 12 month period.
  • The course comprises of video lectures, notes and exercises for students.



Ever dreamed of becoming a news journalist for a top national or international newspaper? Or maybe you're looking to sharpen your news-writing skills to the level of the world's best reporters and editors?

Perhaps you're a blogger who wants to learn how to present news articles in a more professional way?

If so, how would you like to know the writing secrets of the world's best newspaper editors?

Here's your chance to learn from someone who has taught some of the most high-profile journalists in the world how to improve their storytelling.

This course provides working and aspiring journalists with the core news writing skills needed to write news for the world's leading newspapers. There are more than 25 lectures which guide students through the core pillars of an effective news story - from the lead paragraph through to the proper illustration and contextualisation of news. The lectures run for about an hour, after which students and practitioners of journalism will be able to structure a news article with ease and precision for any of the world's top publications. This course gives you the foundation for excellent news writing.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to news writing - The art of distinguished news writing
  • Module 2: Core news writing skills - What is news?, Facts versus perspectives, Explanation, implication and meaning perspectives, The importance of contextualising, The 'so what?' concept
  • Module 3: The structure of a news article - The four pillars of a news story, The lead, The importance of clarity and nuance, The importance of drama, Nutting out the lead, The details paragraph, The context paragraph, The quote
  • Module 4: Journalism do's and don’ts - Clarity about players and action, Avoiding ambiguity, Eliminating jargon, Avoiding clichés, The right amount of detail, Focus on pictures, Ideas, not numbers, Focus on emotions
  • Module 5: Summary & Exercises - Standing out from your peers, News writing exercises