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  • Includes 35 lectures and few hours of written content
  • Learn to pick a course topic to ensure it attracts student enrollments
  • Learn to name your course so the prospective students can find it
  • Know what equipment you need to create an online course videos
  • Learn to shoot, edit and publish 4 types of online course videos
  • Learn to create an animated, branded video bumper, with music
  • In the end learn to put it all together into a high-quality, in-demand online course


Learn how to leverage your expertise in creating an in-demand online course

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Course- Welcome
  • Module 2: Preparing to Create Your Course - Picking your Course Topic, Creating Your Course Outline
  • Module 3: Creating Your Course Presentations - Choosing your Video Formats, Live Action Video, Screencast Video, Presentation Videos, Image Sources
  • Module 4: Naming Your Course - Doing Research, 3 Things your Course Name Should Include, How to Create the Best Course Name
  • Module 5: Creating Supplemental Course Materials
  • Module 6: Preparing To Record Your Course Videos-Proofread and Practice, Prepare to Record
  • Module 7: Preparing To Shoot Videos: Software & Equipment - Screen Recording Software, Screencast Demo, Screenflow Demo, Recording Equipment, Scouting Shoot Location, Testing Your Audio & Video
  • Module 8: Shooting Your Course Videos- Video Recording Tips, Shooting Talking Head Videos, Take a Tour of My Studio
  • Module 9: Importing, Editing and Exporting Course Video-Live Action Videos, Editing Tips for Presentation Videos, Editing Videos in iMovie, Exporting Screencast & Presentation Videos
  • Module 10: Creating a Branded Bumper for your Course Videos- Creating an Animated Branded Bumper, Adding the Bumper to your Course
  • Module 11: Making Your Videos Web Ready- Handbrake Demo
  • Module 12: Keeping Course Materials Organized- A simple System to Keep your Course Materials organized
  • Module 13: Course Conclusion- Recap & Summary, Part II Preview and Bonus Tips