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  • 'Discover Your Purpose' - Taught by experts in the field of psychology with almost 20 years of combined experience
  • Easy to follow videos and worksheets allow you to immediately apply the material to your life
  • Learn how to go beyond selecting a career by discovering how to use your passion, talents, and skills to make a living
  • Do what you love and live in alignment with the true you through a purpose driven life


Learn how to Life Coach Yourself to Discover Your True Purpose

Don't just get a career, do what you love through a purpose driven life! In this course you will be challenged to look at your life experiences, talents, skills and passions to see how the puzzle fits together so you can live your true objective. Together, throughout the program, we’ll be traversing the “stepping stones to purpose” or the different elements of you that play a role in guiding your path and determining how to live in alignment with your true self. Through this trail of clues, you will find that you have discovered your greater purpose, and the secrets to a fulfilling life and a career you will love!

The course comprises of a series of videos which will guide you, through introspection, to discover your purpose. You will engage with activities and handouts in every section to help you apply what you are learning. This course was developed using a deep understanding of psychology and human potential, utilising almost twenty years of combined experience and insight from over ten thousand students; perfect for those seeking more than just a career. You will learn how to live in alignment with your true talents, passions and values, and replace limiting beliefs with empowering alternatives. You can create the life of your dreams and do what you love while at the same time, feeling a sense of purpose with your life and career. Upon completion, not only will you see the greater meaning in the experiences of your life, but you will have the necessary tools to life coach yourself or others to find purpose in theirs.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction - Discover Your Purpose Intro, Elements of Purpose, Stepping Stones to Purpose
  • Module 2: Discovering Your Purpose - Conditioning - Childhood Influences, Passions and Interests, Talents and Skills, Personality, Life Changing Experiences, Coincidences
  • Module 3: Eliminating Limits - Eliminating BS, Empowering Beliefs, Say No to "Buts", Take Back Your Power
  • Module 4: Putting It All Together - Clarify Your Purpose, Write Your Manifesto