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  • Learn how to experience and practice the technique of "awareness of breath"
  • Increase the awareness of the present moment while identifying the inclinations of your mind
  • Understand the common questions around meditation practice
  • Appreciate the benefits of mindfulness


Learn how to relax your mind through the practice of meditation

This course consists of more than 10 video lectures which will teach you how to relax your mind. You will be introduced to the concept of mindfulness with an overview of evidence as to its effectiveness. You will learn to understand the benefits of practicing meditation and reflection techniques on your own.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Mindfulness - What is Mindfulness, Starting out with Mindfulness, Your Mindful meditation journey, Mindfulness Questionnaire, The Case of Mindfulness and meditation
  • Module 2: A Fully Guided Meditation - Introduction to a Fully Guided Meditation, A Fully Guided Meditation, Frequently asked questions
  • Module 3: A Partially Guided Meditation - Introduction and when to move to a Partially Guided Meditation, A Partially Guided Meditation, Reflecting on your Partially Guided Meditation
  • Module 4: An Unguided Meditation - Introduction, An Unguided Meditation, Self-reflecting on your Unguided Meditation, Graphic: Which level to listen to (Fully, Partially, Unguided)
  • Module 5: Summary and Final thoughts - A summary of your course, Mindfulness quiz, Final thoughts