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  • Contains 5 in-depth modules explaining all you need to know about caring for and training your rabbit
  • Why and how you will be converted to sharing your home with this loveable animal
  • How to create a safe and comfortable environment for your pet
  • Explains the rabbit personality, how to read vocalizations and body language
  • How to care for your pet properly through correct diet, physical exercise and mental stimulation
  • Understand rabbit health and hygiene


Learn about Rabbit Care & Training

If you are considering the acquisition of a rabbit as a pet, then this course will provide you with all you need to know about the idiosyncrasies of this surprising and affectionate animal; how to understand their endearing and individual personalities, and how to communicate with them both verbally and physically.

The course consists of five detailed modules packed with valuable information concerning rabbit care and training; at the end of each unit is a self-assessment exercise for students to complete.

Typical rabbit behavioural traits are described, alongside thoroughly researched and comprehensive information on how to introduce your new pet to your home or outdoor habitat, how to help them socialise with your family and other pets, rabbit-proofing your house, diet, training, grooming techniques and much more.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Know Your Rabbit
  • Module 2: Rabbit Housing & Husbandry
  • Module 3: Understanding and Training your Rabbit
  • Module 4: Health & Nutrition
  • Module 5: Bunny Tricks