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  • Get the technical, theoretical and practical know how to create 4 practical projects:
        How to teach with Keynote (or PowerPoint)
        How to demo a product
        How to teach on camera
        How to record a Skype interview
  • Learn to edit videos, animate, sync audio with video, publish optimized content.


Learning Expert Screenflow skills in 29 days guaranteed! Learn to teach on video, present via Keynote and do a Skype interview - like a PRO!

This course is actually a practical, down to earth, results oriented, project based, coaching platform. You'll learn straight to what you need and instantly learn it using modern experiential learning techniques. Because what we'll be doing here is exactly what you want to do outside this course. We have 4 projects (that are actually real life scenarios):

  • Speaking over a Keynote (or Powerpoint) presentation
  • Demoing a software product
  • Teaching on camera
  • Recording a Skype interview

For each one of these 4 projects you learn everything you need to know about the technical aspects of Screenflow so that you can put on video what's in your head. Learn the technical part and the theory behind the teaching as to how to animate the screen and add special effects so students don't lose interest and watch your clips until the end - how to structure your speech so students can remember it for months to come - tips and tricks that expert teachers use to inspire people into action - and other essential lessons with examples from my own experience as a trainer and public speaker. At the end of this course you will have a hands on project in which you will create a video based on real world needs, here you put in practice what you've been taught!


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Teach with Keynote (Technical Prerequisites).
  • Module 3: Teach with Keynote (Practical Stuff).
  • Module 4: Demo a Product (Technical Prerequisites).
  • Module 5: Demo a Product using Screen Recording (Practical Stuff).
  • Module 6: Reveal Yourself (Technical Prerequisites).
  • Module 7: Reveal Yourself: Use a Video Cam! (Practical Stuff).
  • Module 8: Record a Skype Interview
  • Module 9: Screenflow 5 features
  • Module 10: Conclusion