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  • Learn create one long lasting habit that survives the first 30 days.
  • Learn how to program your brain to always remember your healthy habit.
  • Develop an ironclad willpower and the motivation that gets the job done.


Create long lasting habits using time-tested psychological techniques and change your lifestyle!

This course is here to guide you into implementing effective, down–to-earth strategies to achieve your goals. This is not a listing of hundreds of techniques. In this course we talk about practical things, the things that work like habit linking which is an effective strategy to remember your habit at the exact moment you need to activate it; The 3 elements of a habit which is the only theory in the course (but we aren't stopping here, after this lesson you'll be able to better understand your habitual actions and how to rewrite them according to your needs) and the SBS technique and how you can use it to keep yourself motivated over long periods of time.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Forming Long Lasting Habits – Habit Linking Secrets, The three elements of a habit,Practical Exercise, Bonus.
  • Module 2: The Challenge – Practical Exercise: Choose a first step for your next habit, How to exercise daily no matter how little time you have, The challenge, Bonus – The only motivational technique that you need, Bonus- The SBS Technique
  • Module 3: Start Your Habit Now! – Willpower Jedi Mind Tricks, Bonus – Happiness and Performance, Start Your Habit Now!