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  • Get an hour of free time every day, no matter how busy your schedule is
  • Double your productivity: learn how to work efficiently, even when you're constantly interrupted
  • Balance your professional and personal life to get rid, once and for all, of the stress and the tasks that overwhelm you.


Double your productivity, be stress-free and get rid of the illusion that you don't have enough time once and for all!

This course is going to reveal to you one of the best ways to step on the treacherous path of achieving more by working less. It teaches you some of the effective productivity principles and techniques specific to your personality using experiential methods. From the very first day, you'll discover new methods and modern techniques, such as "The Pyramid Technique" (which will clarify the road you want to walk on and what you want to do with your future) and "Constructive Postponement" (a less known technique with will "swap" the stress in your mind with a state of creativity and productivity). They are easy to apply and provide you with the free time you need to continue with the rest of the course.

But we won't stop there. After the first week, you'll learn the counterintuitive technique of Continuous Postponement (told you it sounded counterintuitive) which frees your calendar, allowing you to de stress and finally return to feeling like a human being Get inside, double your productivity, live a stress free life and always have time to accomplish your dreams.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introductory Materials
  • Module 2: The Beginner's Guide
  • Module 3: The Mentality of a Winner
  • Module 4: Fight against Procrastination.
  • Module 5: How to Focus on Your Priorities Regardless of Interruptions.
  • Module 6: Vision – Plan your objectives so that you can easily fulfill them.
  • Module 7: Conclusion.