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  • Includes over 14 video lectures.
  • You will learn to act faster, smarter and better where required
  • Be able to find out how your own personality sabotages your productivity and the achievements of your goals
  • Understand the Psychology of success
  • Learn easy-to-apply techniques to motivate each type of personality
  • Learn techniques to achieve your goals by aligning your mood to work



This course consists of more than 18 video lectures and 2 hours of content that will teach you the techniques to motivate each type of personality. This course is based on the MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), the most thoroughly researched and validated personality test in the world. All enrolled students will be required to complete the MBTI test online. This advanced course will teach you the skills required to thrive professionally. Upon completion of the course you will receive a "certificate of completion" by CTPL.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction - Introductory Materials
  • Module 2: Identify the personality of others - The Extrovert/Introvert preferences, The Sensitive/Intuitive preferences, The Thinking/Feeling preferences, The Judging/Perceiving preferences, Quiz
  • Module 3: Causes of stress - Causes of stress, Bonus - More information about Judgement/Perception and Sensing/Intuitive
  • Module 4: How to change your personality type - Types of pressure, Introduction to the concept of "world creation", Techniques to adapt your personality type, Bonus - More examples of world creation, Quiz, Advanced - the 8 cognitive functions
  • Module 5: Your Personal Development Plan - Your personal development plan, Bonus - The Pyramid Technique, Bonus - The only motivational technique that you need, Bonus - The SBS technique, Closing words