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  • Learn about the dangers of experimenting with drugs and alcohol
  • Be better involved about the risks involved in using mind-altering substances
  • Find out about the significant role of peer pressure


Make sure that you are well informed about the risks involved in using alcohol and other drugs!

Alcohol and other drugs can bring a lot of pleasure in certain circumstances. Young people can be under considerable pressure from their peers to experiment and get involved in using these substances. There is no magic answer that can take the risks away, but having a sound foundation of understanding about the effects - physical, psychological and social - of drugs and alcohol can be very helpful, and that is exactly what this course offers.


The Course

Developed by expert film maker, Mark Kendrick, this course includes important information about effects that young people need to know. It also includes a professionally made drama that vividly illustrates the power of peer pressure and the risks involved.

The course combines the presentation of important factual information with stimulating food for thought to get young people thinking carefully about these issues, discussing them with one another and thereby getting a better understanding of what is involved.

The course includes a Module Companion Workbook which you should print out before starting the course. It contains exercises to help you think about the issues covered and consolidate your understanding. It also contains space for you to make notes as you work your way through the course. After you have completed the course you will then have a valuable resource to serve as a reminder of your learning and a reference source.

You should take this course if you want to develop a well-informed approach to the risks involved in taking alcohol or other drugs.


Course Modules

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Module companion e-book
  • Module 1 - The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Module 2 - The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Module 3 - The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Conclusion