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  • Women's Confidence Building Course with lectures by a Mass Communication Expert.
  • Learn online at your own pace, you can access this course on any portable device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone).
  • This course utilises video lectures to encourage participants to develop key skills in confidence-building. A combination of scientific strategies and uplifting messages are implemented to encourage individuals to persist towards the completion of anticipated goals.



This course is designed to introduce the key concepts and strategies for developing self-confidence. The program will demystify the principles concerning self-assurance by training students about the nature of self-conceptualisation, as this relates to persisting towards goal attainment.

You will explore the definition of self-confidence, and complete corresponding homework to help you analyse the level of satisfaction you have about the personal and professional areas of your life. The course will guide you with probing questions, insights and useful resources to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

This course is aimed towards individuals who are interested in formulating a particular strategy for career success. You will have the opportunity to develop your personal goals, build realistic objectives, and develop your expectations with tangible target setting guidance.

The course is designed to introduce key concepts and provide knowledge of commonly applied business and marketing techniques, including an insight into the world of fashion. Entrepreneurs, business professionals, and individuals alike will find this course stimulating. A new attitude towards personal and professional development will be ignited by participants to strive towards anticipated goals.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Confidence Building: Introduction
  • Module 2: Building Confidence: Formative Years
  • Module 3: Building Confidence: Overcoming Barriers
  • Module 4: Building Confidence Part II: Goal Setting
  • Module 5: Building Confidence: Part Two Introduction
  • Module 6: Building Confidence Part II: Overcome Hurdles to Goal Setting
  • Module 7: Building Confidence Part II: Beautiful Rose, You are Valuable
  • Module 8: Building Confidence Part II: You have What it Takes