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  • Study all the ways to add a payment system to your WordPress website
  • Understand the different types of shopping carts, and when a WordPress plugin cart is appropriate
  • Get your first WooCommerce store (including digital downloads) up in 15-30 minutes


Work out wonders within 30 mins to put up your WooCommerce site!!!

You will find this course more easy and interactive with its step-by- step process of adding a shopping cart to your WordPress website and collecting money for your products or services. You will quickly pick-up the basics in order to create your first ecommerce store in as little as 15-30 minutes - while at the same time covering almost the entire WooCommerce functionality in the more advanced videos. You will also come to know when you should choose a WordPress shopping cart plugin (such as WooCommerce) and when you would choose another type of cart (such as, a hosted cart solution).


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to WordPress Shopping Carts
  • Module 2: WooCommerce Quick Start
  • Module 3: WooCommerce Reference
  • Module 4: WooCommerce Styling & Programming